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Zacharias is a Brand that creates handicraft souvenirs inspired by art history. We design a wide variety of products using mixed techniques such as screen printing, bookbinding, sewing and various materials like leather fabric and metal.

Our project is to create a product for tourism which seeks to differentiate itself from the rest of the market, we achieved that by combining art, design and communication.

How does the brand communicate? 

group of items

1. From each artwork that we get inspired we create a whole world of information and symbolism that reinforces the meaning of the final product. 

packagings for the products

2. With a captivating presentation disposed with smart packaging, using recycled materials and a simple language of icons.

shop image
3. With proposals about specific ways of displaying the products: the exhibition at the shop is an elaborate installation and the secret of attraction for our customers.  
This combination and the fact that we are good guys makes us ideal for collaboration so let’s do some business!
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