Calder Flowers & Vase Set

Calder Flowers & Vase Set


Transparent Acrylic Art Vase and decor flowers/ Stem Bud Vase / Clear Vase / Art Home Decor / Art object / Minimalist / Table Accents


Set of artificial flowers and vase inspired by Alexander Calder’s abstract mobiles. Handmade with clear acrylic (plexiglass 3mm). It can also be filled with water and use as a vase for real flowers.


The mobiles of Alexander Calder take a magnificent place in the history of Modern Art. What we now see hanging above the beds of toddlers, entrancing young children everywhere, started as an avant-garde art undertaking. Calder’s further experiments to develop purely abstract sculpture came from his visit to Mondrian’s gallery where Calder was inspired to make art multidimensional.



Vase: 4,6 x 12 x 16,7 cm

Flowers: red 35,3 x 9 x 1,8 cm / blue 28 x 9 x 1,8 cm / yellow 25 x 11 x 1,8 cm