Echo, Acrylic Mirror by Zacharias Petrakis

Echo, Acrylic Mirror by Zacharias Petrakis


Silver decor mirror / Art object / Art Home Decor / Wall decor / Wall Mirror

Handmade with clear/mirror acrylics (plexiglass 3mm).


Size: 56 x 70 x 4 cm


There are two ways I design, either I know what I want to do and the design is already in my mind. Or I have no idea what to do and I just have to start with something. I usually start with one of the basic shapes. In this particular project I started with the circle, one shape brought the other one and from time to time I “zoomed out” of the image in order to see the whole image and tried to build a meaningful design without thinking on telling a story. I was generally interested in the balance of the shapes and colours, regardless of whether the end result shows a fairly clear story in my eyes, in fact, quite a cliché story I would say. At the end of the process and while I was watching the final result, I spotted references from two artists, that are not really in the list of my favourite ones, but I truly respect. Keith Haring and Joan Miro; so I started searching for images to find out why these two artists came to my mind, I found quotes from them that they describe better than me the process i was writing before.


Keith Haring:  “I am intrigued with the shapes people choose as their symbols to create a language. There is within all forms a basic structure, an indication of the entire object with a minimum of lines that becomes a symbol. This is common to all languages, all people, all times.”


Joan Miro: A form gives me an idea, this idea evokes another form, and everything culminates in figures, animals, and things I had no way of foreseeing in advance.