Leather Keychain Pouch, Octopus

Leather Keychain Pouch, Octopus


Leather Keychain Pouch, leather Coin Pouch, Key Chain, Key Fob, Change Pouch. 
Print all over. Silkscreen printed. 
9 x 8 cm


Inspired by Ancient Greek art, Minoan Octopus:

These lovely octopus vases have led some thinkers into believing that Minoans worshipped the sea and the creatures therein. Other scholars have conjectured that the ancient Cretans looked to octopus tentacles as inspiration for that characteristic Minoan architectural conceit, the labyrinth.
1580 / 1100 BC



- Genuine goat Cretan leather, naturally tanned
- Top-quality Italian water-based inks
- Metallic ring keychain.

Care instructions:
- Keep away from water

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