Postcard/wall decor. I Love Ancient Greece. The Owl of Athens.

Postcard/wall decor. I Love Ancient Greece. The Owl of Athens.

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Luxury Paper postcard/wall decor, I Love Ancient Greece. Inspiring graphics and text included in the back.



- 17.5x12 cm Closed

- 17.5x24 cm Open

- Metallic Luxury paper 300 gr

- Digital Print

Perfect gift for a kid or any person interested in learning something new about then Ancient Greek Period. It is also a nice decor item to put in your bookcase or a corkboard in the house, in the office, or at the kitchen with a magnet.

Inspired by Ancient Greek art, The Owl of Athens:

“One more word about giving instruction as to what the world ought to be. Philosophy in any case always comes on the scene too late to give it... When philosophy paints its gloomy picture then a form of life has grown old. 

It cannot be rejuvenated by the gloomy picture, but only understood. Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly”. 

G.W.F. Hegel


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