Transparent Acrylic Art / Jungleplex

Transparent Acrylic Art / Jungleplex


Art Home Decor / Art object / Minimalist / Table Accents / Statue /

Handmade with clear acrylics in our workshop in Athens. Ideal for decorating a book shelf, or any furniture in the house, specially near a window or a light since it becomes very colourful when light passes through.


Inspired by Henri Rousseau’s paints and Pop Art artists such as David Hockney. For centuries the souvenir shops were filled with small figurines and statues to decorate a book shelf, a table or a fridge’s front, with this version we want to remake the kitsch souvenir, bringing all these colourful memories with a bit of humor. And deconstructing the shape into a flat 2D minimal expression.



Base: 15,8 x 1 x 3,4 cm

Jungle: 14,8 x 14,7 x 2,4 cm


We ship worldwide from Athens.