Yellow Flower and Green Vase Acrylic

Yellow Flower and Green Vase Acrylic


Transparent Acrylic Art Vase and decor flowers/ Stem Bud Vase / Clear Vase / Art Home Decor / Art object / Minimalist / Table Accents


Set of artificial flower and vase handmade with clear acrylic (plexiglass 3mm). It can also be filled with water and use as a vase for real flowers. Ideal for decorating a book shelf, or any furniture in the house, specially near a window or a light since it becomes very colourful when light passes through.


Inspired by Still Life Paintings from Contemporary Artists.

The 20th century began with several trends taking hold in art. In 1901, Paul Gauguin painted Still Life with Sunflowers, his homage to his friend Van Gogh who had died eleven years earlier. The group known as Les Nabis, including Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard, took up Gauguin's harmonic theories and added elements inspired by Japanese woodcuts to their still-life paintings. French artist Odilon Redon also painted notable still life during this period, especially flowers. Henri Matisse reduced the rendering of still-life objects even further to little more than bold, flat outlines filled with bright colours. He also simplified perspective and introducing multi-colour backgrounds.



Vase: 8 x 18,7 x 3 cm

Flower: 5,5 x 33 x 1,4 cm


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