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Collection inspired by a very unique selection of Contemporary Art pieces from all around the globe.  2020


I Love Ancient Greece 

Collection inspired by architecture, sculture, ceramic arts, filosophy and literature of the ancien times in Greece.  2010/2020

Acropolis Museum

Exclusive collection designed for the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

For sale at the Acropolis Museum store. 2017-2020


Kinetic and Op Art

For this collection, we were inspired by Optical Art and Kinetic art.

Spain 20th Century

First collection created in Spain in 2009 by Zacharias, inspired by the main Spanish painters of the mid 20th century. Cubism,  Surrealism and Abstract Art. Not for sale.

Hellenic Ministry

of Culture

Collection Created exclusively for the Museum stores of TAP (Monuments and Museums of Greece), including the Archaeological national museums in Greece. 

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