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We started our brand in 2013 doing silkscreen printed T-shirts for the tourism market in Greece and Spain. Now we use materials such as leather and acrylic glass for accessories, clothing, home decor, stationery, art, art objects, and prints.

Art Object is an artistic creation of aesthetic value, we focus on creations for museums and concept stores. Our motto has always been “Inspired by Art History” and our desire is to express our very own point of view through design, as well as to keep learning, trying always to do something new.

Our main clients are the Acropolis Museum and the museum stores of the Greek Ministry of Culture, we have been designing exclusive collections for them since 2015. We also carry out most of the production processes in our own space, we follow traditional handcraft techniques like silkscreen printing, leather sewing, Japanese bookbinding, and recently we started producing objects with laser cutter.

"Inspired by Art History"

The Space & The Team

Our Space is a creative workshop based in Exarcheia, Athens. It is also a store for our brand and a showroom for experiments with visual arts, design, fashion and interior design. Local designers are welcome for collaborations in the space.

Exarcheia, our neighborhood, is renowned for being Athens' historical centre of all kinds of different political and intellectual activism, located in downtown Athens, the city we love for its historical and contemporary.


The creative team is formed by co-founders Zacharias Petrakis and Alejandro Hernández. Zacharias was born in Crete. He studied Fine Arts, in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His specialisation is Sculpture. We can appreciate it in his art:

Alejandro took art classes at the Fine Arts University in Seville, studied graphic design in Madrid at “Escuela de Artediez” and spent a semester at “Ecole de Communication Visuelle” in Paris. He is also a visual artist:

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