Zacharias Crafts - "Inspired by art history" is the core of our brand, we create and produce art, design, fashion, arts & crafts. Our main goal is to develop our very personal point of view through design and share it with people, as well as to keep learning and changing, going forward, doing new steps.

We produce silk screen printed items with fabric and leather and we do the whole production process for leather crafts: cutting, printing, gluing, sewing, etc. The collections are getting bigger every year, we started doing T-shirts for the touristic market in Greece and Spain, and now we offer different collections that approach the souvenir and the fashion market, we found real joy designing leather crafts, so we focused on the creation of a bigger variety and experimented with new products: notebooks, pen cases, mousepads, rulers and different kinds of souvenirs, as well as purses, cases, bags, portfolios, backpacks and other kinds of fashion accessories.


by art history"

The creative team is formed by co-founders Zacharias Petrakis and Alejandro Hernández. Zacharias was born in Crete, Greece. He left his island to study Fine Arts, in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His specialization is Sculpture. Alejandro was born in Sevilla, Spain. Art director and Graphic designer graduated in the Escuela de Arte número 10 of Madrid. 

Our production is placed in Exarcheia, a neighborhood renowned for being Athens' historical center of all kinds of different political and intellectual activism, located downtown Athens, the city we love, for its historical and contemporary underground contexts. Our workshop is always open and welcoming visits (Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm).


​Aris Sotiriou describes our work with a very personal way on his blog...


Creative duo, unique souvenirs inspired by the past.



"Within five years the company Zacharias developed and consolidated its personal style."




A positive chain reaction...


Akantus Gallery


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