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#Guest2: Dionisis Stefanatos

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

#theworkshop Silkscreen printing Artist at Zacharias Art + Object.

By Alejandro Hernandez

This is Dionisis Stefanatos, born in Athens. He loves Street Culture, Cycling, and cats among other things. He is also a great silkscreen printer artist. He works at our workshop, where he does the printing production and experiments with it.

He assures that he loves artistic creations in general: colors, shapes, and the use of different techniques and materials… everything that looks nice to his eyes. He tries not to put a label on things. Those who know him can tell that he is very passionate about everything that is handcrafted. As a child, when he was about 5-6 years old he has memories helping at his dad’s workshop doing handmade jewelry with wooden balls. Later on, painting on walls… he points at the good feeling you get when transforming something. Some years ago he started doing silkscreen printing on his own (self-taught methods), getting information on the internet, doing some workshops, practicing a lot in the garage of his family home… failures are needed in the learning process as he can assure. He really likes it, especially the experimental part, improving is a must for not getting bored of it…


Do you think that your actual job interacts with your personal creativity?

Yes! Because I have access to new materials, tools, techniques, and it's a place to work on bigger scale projects.

Are creativity and work related for you?

I think it is better when work includes creativity, but sometimes you need to separate them and work independently.

How do you find “the good moments” to create something?

I don’t know, It’s hard sometimes to find them, I believe that we should have a method if one wants to be productive. I often need to press myself, and in general, having people around helps me to do things.

Are you preparing a new space to work in it? How do you imagine this space?

Yeah, I wish to create a space full of tools for experimenting, and I would love to create something collective, a place to work with the company of others.

What kind of things do you usually do?

For now, drawing, different kinds of prints, but mostly silkscreen printing on paper and fabric, photography, constructions with wood…

How are you feeling when you do something that you enjoy?

Complete, fulfilled.

Photos by Panayiotis Agavanakis.

Some of Dionisis's artwork, silkscreen printing on paper.

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