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Leather Wrapped Vase, The Minotaur

Leather Wrapped Vase, The Minotaur

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Made with goat leather from Crete, Greece. Silkscreen printed.

22x16 cm.

Made in Athens, Greece.


Cretan goat leather vase perfect for decorating your living room, bedside table, bathroom, office or every place you love. 


Inspired by Ancient Greek art, The Minotaur:

Male gods appear in the form of son and husband and are closely associated with the bull. The pair of horns was an object of worship and it was also used as one of the main religious instruments and as a symbol of the power of the Minoan Civilization.2700 / 1500 BC

You only need a glass or a recycled plastic bottle (we love to recycle and help a little with the environment). Pour some water and put your flowers on it. When you are not using it, you can fold the vase. Easy to collapse and reuse after your events or personal use. Simply collapse and store in a dry place.

The packaging is completely flat, perfect for a gift, or as a nice home decor item.

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